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January 6, 2021

United States. In the hours in which on Capitol Hill takes place the ceremony of formalization of the vote count that ratifies the election of Democrat Joe Biden, and while the Democratic Party wins the majority of the Senate by winning the two seats in Georgia, a crowd of people, responding at the encouragement of President Trump, he storms Capitol Hill, and manages to get inside. During the hours of chaos, until the curfew imposed by the authorities for 18:00, a woman was killed by the bullet of an armed guard inside Capitol Hill, and 52 people were arrested. A policeman is also killed by the crowd and others are injured. In the following days, hundreds of arrests will be made of people who participated in the assault on Congress. It is also revealed that some of them intend to kidnap VP Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pence escapes capture for a few seconds, brought to safety by secret service men, while a policeman deflects the crowd upstairs. On this sad day, the United States shows the world the fragility of democracy, including the American one, which, since the time of Toqueville, was taken as an example in the West.