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Published on: FQ


An international committee names element 105 as Dubnio and not Hahnio as it was informally called before. And 109 as Meitnerio. In 1944 Otto Hahn had won the Nobel Prize in physics for experiments carried out in Germany that prove beyond any doubt the fission of uranium subjected to neutron bombardment, with the production of radioactive barium. In reality, the experiments were carried out and conceived by Lise Meitner, who agrees not to be indicated in the article, but publishes another one with her name, which explained the theoretical basis of the experiment. Hahn, and not Meitner, will get the Nobel in 1944, because the majority of the committee in Stockholm will be pro-Germans. Meitner will have (more than) a posthumous rematch when a new element (109) is baptized in her name. Due to the complex rules of the committee that assigns the names, no other element can be called Hahnio, as it has already been proposed and rejected, in favor of Dubnius.